Rural Resistance in South Africa: The Story of the Food Sovereignty Campaign by SPP

In the world’s rural areas people are rising up against the hunger, exclusion and disrespect that present day society seeks to impose on them. They will no longer tolerate eviction, dispossession, exploitation and the silence and violence it induce and depend on. Nor will they accept labels such as â€˜idiots’, ‘pack animals’ or ‘backward’ by which otherwise quite decent people have referred to them at different times. They are fighting back, they are fighting forward. Through this fight they offer humanity and each of its members an unrefusable gift – for all of us, the possibility of a completely emancipated society in the future; and for each of us, the possibility of an ethical life full of meaning, fulfillment and contribution in the present.


The following pages tell the major parts of the story thus far of one of the smaller and lesser known of such struggles. It speaks of the Right to Agrarian Reform for Food Sovereignty Campaign (Food Sovereignty Campaign for short) as an attempt to live the age old longing of humanity for freedom, equality and solidarity, without denying either its difficulties in developing the necessary support and vision, or its possible failure. Revolutionary struggles for emancipation are risky things. Repression, exhaustion and co-option are always threats.