Gathering points (Introductory Game)

Purpose: get to know something about each other
Groups of up to 26

  1. Distribute strips of paper
  2. Ask each participant to write (in LARGE letters) one description about themselves or someone else in the room (eg likes to sing in the bath; speaks 3 languages)
  3. Collect strips of paper; read out and stick on different parts of the wall (enlist help for this).
  4. Go from one characteristic to the other; ask participants who fit the description to gather under the sign and have a brief conversation.

Call out the next description and so on until all have been read. Do this quite quickly!

  1. Ask participants to gather under the one sign / descriptor that most describes them (ie make them choose!)

Allow for a few moments of conversation

  1. Request participants to go back to their chairs; sit down .
  2. De-brief: Ask questions such as:
  • What was I like to be one in a large crowd / stand alone?
  • What do the descriptors say about this group?
  • What other descriptors would you like to add? (have a show of hands for these) How is it useful to know about these things?