Energy justice relates to climate justice, gender justice, and racial justice. It is integral to the economy, politics and the environment - from agriculture to waste management, sanitation, transport, health, jobs and forms of governance.  Low-income communities and communities on the periphery tend to be the most seriously impacted by polluting and costly energy systems. Energy is a contemporary ‘hot’ issue both locally and globally as citizens engage and organise for ‘the world we want’. It is an issue which affects all citizens, but the technical and scientific knowledge and expertise are located in the hands of the few.

In the Third Cycle of the ‘Traditions of popular education’ research project we will build on our previous work with a focus on popular education for `environmental justice`, and in particular ‘renewable energy’. 

We are working with others in social movements and organisations to make resources for education and organising around energy justice more accessible. We invite you to please send links and resources so we can help to popularise what is available. Here you will find:

-          links to other organisations that offer valuable information and materials, on-line

-          a reservoir of education ‘tools’ for popular education practice

-          selected readings to help deepen understandings and advocacy

-          links to events, workshops, campaigns, protest actions etc.