Sites & links to organisations doing popular education

Most of these have free downloadable materials.

  • The Change Agency is an independent social movement education initiative -
  • Training for Change: For over 20 years, Training for Change has provided activist training for groups standing up for social, economic, and environmental justice -
  • TOPLAP partners with organizations that struggle against social injustice and community problems, helping them to incorporate theater into their organizing efforts. TOPLAB provides training and support of community organizers in Theater of the Oppressed techniques and collaborations on theater-based community building projects -
  • TRAPESE stands for ‘Taking Radical Action through Popular Education and Sustainable Everything’. Our work involves interactive workshops, games, films, trainings, and action/campaign planning sessions. We also produce resources and write on various issues -
  • HESPERIN: Great materials on health related subjects with a popular education point of view. Publishers of the legendary ‘Helping Health Workers Learn’, compendium to ‘Where there is no doctor’ -
  • Training For transformation: This is a programme designed for community workers / activists, run at the Grail Centre in Kleinmond, Western Cape -
  • JASS: On this site you find publications from JASS work that deal with popular education in different ways. Including  Making Change Happen: Power, and Making Change Happen: Citizen Engagement and Global Economic Power -
  • Popular Education News: Connecting popular and community educators and activists to resources to improve their educational work - 
  • Highlander Center: Popular education, participatory research and cultural work. Highlander has an extensive archive for research -
  • The “Catalyst Centre One-Stop Pop-Ed Shop Worker Co-op” is a collective of educators committed to democratic, social justice education and community development -
  • Build the Wheel: Useful links to information (such as food security), resources, events. For example, ‘Edlib Lab is an online “laboratory” for finding, discussing and developing social justice teaching materials.’ -
  • Kotare: Research and education for social change: Kotare’s vision is of a future with economic, social and environmental justice in Aotearoa based on Te Tiriti o Waitangi -
  • Beyond the Choir: A forum for grassroots mobilisation’ – useful articles, links and information on the use of social media -
  • Popular Education Now: “A site is for anyone with an interest in education as a tool for radical social change.” - 
  • SOUL: the School of Unity & Liberation is a school to build a social justice movement by building the capacity of new organizers and grassroots groups to achieve systemic change. They have developed 5 curriculum, training, and organizational development manuals towards these ends -
  • Project South: For over 25 years, this project has used popular education techniques as an organizing tool to build a base of skilled leadership that directly challenges racism and poverty at the roots. They aim to build a strong South-South movement in the US -
  • Brecht Forum: is a cultural and educational center for people who are working for social justice, equality and a new culture that puts human needs first. Through its programs and events, the Brecht Forum brings people together across social and cultural boundaries and artistic and academic disciplines to promote critical analysis, creative thinking, collaborative projects and networking in an independent community-level environment. Members can download films for political education -
  • Sead: You can download a variety of our most popular resources from this page. We produce newsletters, case studies, guides and handbooks which can help you get the information you want. If you don’t find what you need here, have a look at the resource pages of this site, where you can browse a vast range of materials produced by groups all over the world -
  • The Corner House aims to support democratic and community movements for environmental and social justice. We aim to pay constant attention to issues of social, economic and political power and practical strategy. As part of our solidarity work, The Corner House carries out analyses, research and advocacy with the aim of linking issues, of stimulating informed discussion and strategic thought on critical environmental and social concerns, and of encouraging broad alliances to tackle them -
  • Strategic action for a just economy: South Los Angeles-based -

Further resources

Toolkit on community-based monitoring:

Activity on knowledge-production:

Improving presentation and lectures:

HIV/AIDS stigma popular education manual:

Link to resources:
"Popular Education in the College Classtroom" (Section 4 of The Making of a Popular Educator by Larry Olds)
Counting Our Victories Popular Education and Community Organizing by Denise Nadeau
A Popular Education Handbook by Rick Arnold and Bev Burke
A New Weave: popular education in canada and central America by Ric Arnold, Deborah Barndt, and Bev Burke
Naming the Moment Political Analysis for Action - A Manual for Community Groups by Deborah Barndt with Carlos Freire, Illustrator.
Ready for Action: A Popular Theatre Popular Education Manual by Jennifer Anderson, Jennifer Michol, Joshua Silverberg.
Getting the Community Into the Act: 72 Participatory Activities for Field Workers and Trainers Prepared by Pat Ellis